Aurora Charm, like many other global brands, is facing the challenge of counterfeiters attempting to violate our brand, our products and our identity. It is illegal to sell counterfeit (fake) products. However, fraudulent counterfeiters do attempt to exploit the Aurora Charm brand and benefit from the fame and worldwide success we have achieved.

Therefore, we safeguard our intellectual property rights by all available means, including comprehensive global surveillance, registration and control programmes, so that you can remain confident that your Aurora Charm product is authentic and lives up to our high quality standards. We take serious action on a local level, as well as internationally, to stop counterfeiting of our products, and we strongly believe that our efforts will decrease the amount of infringers attempting to mislead you into believing that you are buying authentic Aurora Charm jewellery.

The current list of authorized Aurora retailers’ websites is below (in alphabetical order) as of 01/12/2019:

If you have a knowledge of an Aurora Brand violation (e.g. similar product sold on different website), please report it here!