Cute and Cuddly Collection

This collection of ours has the most adorable and cutest animal charms that you can find all over the world.

We were searching for years to find the best of the best designs for these cuddly dudes. We still remember the day when it happened. Oh boy. 🙂 From that day we knew we have to share them with you. That is why we created the Cute and Cuddly Collection, and we keep adding new and new animals every year. Therefore You will have a reason to come back. Always. We know you will not be able to say no to those eyes of our lovely animals. 😉

So please take a look on them one by one. It is worth it. We already have many types of animals from every corner of the world. From the forests for example. Smarty the Fox, or Bunny the Rabbit. But we can go to Australia, where our Twisty the Platypus or Aussie the Koala bear come from. On the other hand let’s not forget the jungle. Our Kitty the Tiger or Bamboo the Elephant are living there happily ever after. And under the sea… Flippy the Dolphin always smiles at you, and so is Happy the Turtle who has a really special mission. He helps to clean up our oceans from plastic waste, together with JUST ONE OCEAN. They are a non-profit organization, whom devoted theirs life to make the difference. And of course they do an amazing job for everyone!

Don’t forget to collect them all!!