Folklore and Enamel

Folklore and Enamel Collection

In the beginning we were searching for special motifs for a long time, but nothing came up what could hit the spot. Then we realised that should not have to search at all. Because it was right in front of us for the whole time. Our ancestors came up with the best ideas for motifs, what are timeless. Does not matter if you are young or old. These folklore elements will always be with you, and remind you where you are from. If you are coming from central Europe these flowers, hearts, and birds figures will be very familiar to you.

But let’s say you are from elsewhere. We are almost certain that one of your relatives came from Europe. These people brought their culture with them. You could see these on pictures, clothes, or painting, even on the tablecloths.

These folklore motifs have a really deep meaning. If they are with you those feelings what they show will guide you through in your whole life and the following generations to come.

So do not hesitate and pick one ( or few 🙂 ) from our Folklore and Enamel Collection to celebrate and remember your roots.

We made these sterling silver charms with a very special enamel style. That is why these beads will always look shiny and sparkle. And if it is not enough they all can be worn as a pendant as well. They  even fit on other major companies silver charm bracelet. So if you have one from someone else do not worry. These folklore charms will be fine on your special bracelet.