Shy the Squirrel Charm


Shy the Squirrel Sterling Silver Aurora Charm from our unique Cute & Cuddly Collection.
Our squirrel Shy will remind you to have more fun, and take life a little less seriously.


Our Shy the Squirrel charm will remind you to have more fun, and take life a little less seriously. He is a bit shy at the very beginning but once he gets to know you, he will open up. That is when the fun begins. 🙂

Squirrel is a symbol of ability to solve puzzles, resourcefulness, quick change of direction, storing for the future/planning ahead, balance in giving and receiving, power of rest during times of non-movement, warning, discovery, change avoiding danger by climbing to a higher place and action.

Shy the Squirrel charm is one of a kind. But if you would like to have more cute and cuddly animals on your bracelet, just click here. You will not regret it.

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