Steampunk Owl

This Limited Edition charm in the shape of owl in the steampunk style is made exclusively for Pianeta Beads, our Italian retailer. This charm measures  16 mm x 10 mm.

To buy this limited edition charm directly at our Italian retailer Pianeta Beads, please click on the link HERE.


This Limited Edition charm is a Steampunk Owl. In short this charm has the best steampunk design in the market.

Steampunk is a sci-fi or science fantasy style that contain technology. This designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machines.  Steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century British Victorian era. In the same vein the American Wild West. In a future during which steam power was used to maintain mainstream usage. And in fantasy worlds that also use steam power.  That is to say just like our Steampunk Owl.

This type of design most recognizably shows old technologies or retro futuristic inventions. As people in the 19th century might imagined them. And likewise rooted in the era’s perspective on fashion or culture or architectural style.

Steampunk also refers to any of the artistic styles. For example clothing fashions or subcultures that have developed from the steampunk fiction. Likewise Victorian era fiction and films from the mid 20th century. Many individual artisans changed every kind of modern objects into a Victorian mechanical style. For instance a number of visual and musical artists described as steampunk.

We made it exclusively for Pianeta Beads to our Italian retailer. This charm measures 16 mm x 10 mm.

To buy this limited edition charm directly at our Italian retailer just click on the link HERE.

Because you like our owl we are sure you like animals. Therefore you can check out our cute and cuddly secion here! It is worth it to take a look. 🙂

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