Bridge Over Troubled Water


Sterling Silver Aurora Charm from Around the World Collection.

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This bead can have huge meaning for many people. It is speaking to us on a personal level, showing how one can “lay themselves down” with love for another , like a bridge over troubled water to help him / her through the hard times.
However, it feels that as if due to the current world-wide situation, the whole message has shifted from the personal level to the wider level that we all perceive without exception. We hope to cross the bridge, the end of which is lost in the fog, over water that is turbulent like never before. And we hope that it is a solid and secure bridge. We would very much like the bead to carry the message that such a bridge EXISTS, and to symbolize the hope we so desperately need.

The Bridge Over Troubled Water was created based on creative idea of Czech designer: Markéta Moravcová Raušová.

What are the lyrics to bridge over troubled water? Well We think this charm shows it all. 🙂

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