Sterling Silver Aurora Charm from our unique Summer Collection.

If you like beach, water and surfing, you will love this charm! This is very detailed dangle charm with small (Swarovski style) ocean coloured crystal. The Tiki Mask comes from Maori, Hawaiian & Polynesian culture. They are usually hand-carved wooden masks that originally were used to stand in for deities, protect their users from evil spirits or even increase the mask wearers’ fertility, and prosperity and bring love and luck. Our Mask has a pineapple on top for hospitality and mask’s mouth is shaped in big laugh, which is to remind the wearer that you need to laugh and enjoy life every day. The back of the mast has the wooden feel – motif. At the top – ring part you can see the bamboo and Hibiscus – national Hawaiian flower motifs for more of that tropical and exotic feeling.