Around the world

It is one of the best collections of Aurora Charms. These charms are featuring different countries. Likewise their cultures in a very story-detailed way. Some of them go into their folklore. For example taking the historical motifs out of the paper, and making them into a beautiful bead.

These beads have their own stories. Once you have them on your bracelet they will bring you back those best memories from your travels. Or from your holidays. Therefore you will be able to tell those stories to your friends and your family at all times, because you will never forget them. Our charms will make sure about it.

So go on and dig into our Around the World collection, and pick those ones that you are familiar with. For example if you have already visited Hungary. Our coat of Arm charm is just one of a kind. Or you may prefer Italy. Ginevra and Leonardo will be your best choice. Most importantly you will know which charms to pick. In the same way if you would like to surprise someone. So that person will know that you take care of their memories, as the charms will remind them. Not just where they were before, but that they have a very good friend, who is always there for them.

These are the reasons why our company offers: charms with the story behind them. Now you have charms to choose from, which tell your stories to everyone who is important to you.

Collect them all!!!

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