Once Upon a Time Collection

We are based in Ireland, in a land that is full of magical and fantastic stories and fairy tales. This land shares the footsteps of many mystical creatures. Such as leprechauns, fairies, dragons and much more. When their day comes, other living entities from other lands share the fun at the same place. For example ghosts, mummies, mermaids or swamp monsters. And every and each of them have a story.

These tales go back centuries and centuries of our and others’ histories. To make sure that the stories go on and are never forgotten, we decided to create the most wonderful and detailed charms across the globe. Therefore you and your friends can share these creatures’ history for those who have never heard about them before. We are sure that with our charms you will never run out of stories to tell.

And not just stories. Our Once Upon a Time collection offers much more than that. Some of our charms bring you good luck and fortune. Others will make you wonder through your imagination. Few of them will protect you from naughty spirits and tricks. Or they will just bring a smile to your face and warm your heart up when you take a glance at them. ?

That is to say, these charms from another land, or realm will keep you busy.

Every year the collection grows, so the best thing to do is to come back and visit our site time by time. This way you will always see what is our newest fantasy charm in our collection.

Don’t forget to collect them all!!!

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