Happy – Turtle Charm


This Sea Turtle charm is on a very special mission to raise awareness about the pollution of our environment, specifically the waste in the ocean. Plastic and other waste dumped into the ocean is causing harm to all the sea animals, micro-pieces of plastic and chemicals in it enter their body and through them it enters our food chain and has huge negative impact also on our own health. Many diseases are caused by these chemicals accumulating in our body over time. Wearing this Turtle charm is set to inspire you to do something positive, for example lower the plastic use and therefore plastic waste today!

Also, for every purchase of this cute Happy – Turtle charm on this website, we will make a donation of 5 EUR / other currency equivalent to Just One Ocean (non-profit organization) and that way support global activities dedicated to ocean conservation and education. So this charm not only looks good, but it CAUSES GOOD as well!

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